Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cumberland Island GA to Cocoa Beach FL.

Howdy to all you folks following our blog.  We really like all those colorful comments you send us. Keep that going as news of home is very welcome. Started the moring off with skeeters eating me alive as I took molly for her 'walk'.Hauled back to the boat loaded the dingy in record time and got out of there.
Left at 0815 and by 0830 we were in 4 feet of water backing off a shoal area.
I am sure we will get the ground hog award this year.
Then going up the south Amelia River clearly in the channel we hit 2 ft of water.
Thank God it was low tide and the tide was just coming up.  Hour later on the water again..  Finally in Nothern Florida.  We stayed at the muni dock in St. Augustine and tossed frisbee with Molly.
St Augustine was founded in 1565 and reeks of history.
Next morning we pulled out and headed for Smyrna Beach to rendesvous with Patsy Bolling.

We only made it to Daytona beach as there are numerous no wake zones, manatee zones where you can only go at idle speed.  Patti and I are in shorts and tank tops now.. wooohooo 70's and 80s.

Special thanks to Darsie Wells who is taking care of Mr. Charly and making sure everyone knows he is alright.  Some folks are wondering how the finger is doing.  All of the trauma is gone and soon i should be able to start bending it.  A part of the finger is gone and i have not been able to find it so the crabs probably enjoyed it.  Tomorrow is the space center and then away we go to Lake Okeechoobee and cross to the Gulf.


  1. You will need a stuffed ground hog up at the helm after this trip
    Crazy canal bottoms. Did you see any manatees? We have a black one here at the house ;)

  2. Finger trauma? When did that happen? How'd I miss it. Oh, btw - Giants won !!!

  3. Sounds like fun - mostly - on the ICW. Good luck with the finger Jon. Hope it doesn't hurt the guitar pikn'.
    I used to do a lot of work in that area, especially in Ft. Myers. They have a fun downtown, with some good places to eat. I especially liked the French bakery in the morning. Sorry, I can't remember the name now. There are a couple of bistros on the main street with good food and street dining too.

  4. Good way to clean your bottom..........drag it over a shoal!
    We're in shorts and teeshirts here too. We are freezing but we're in em.